Toyota Conducts Prius Solar Powered Tests

Toyota Conducts Prius Solar Powered Tests

September 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, the Toyota brand is participating in a project organized by the Japanese government.

It consists in testing the Prius solar-powered model. The manufacturer wants to find out whether it is possible to create cars that do not need to be recharged.

The development of solar panels is owned by Sharp Corp. Solar panels are located on the roof, hood, rear window of a car. This will provide an opportunity to find out how much solar energy is needed to move the machine.

The electricity that the panels produce is supplied to the battery. With this, the Prius can be charged in the parking lot or right while driving.

It is impossible not to mention that the thickness of solar cells reaches only 0.03 meters. Thanks to this, their shape can be easily adjusted to fit the contours of the machine. To protect the panels from damage, it was necessary to make a buffer between the car body and the elements, due to which the thickness of the batteries increased.

If the day is sunny, the charge should be enough for about 56 kilometers of the road. This figure exceeds 47 kilometers – according to the survey, the average American driver drives so much.

It must be remembered that due to cloudiness or elevated temperature, the efficiency of solar panels is greatly reduced. In such cases, they will have to be charged from special stations.