Toyota chief engineer told what the new Supra is capable of

Toyota chief engineer told what the new Supra is capable of

January 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

“The new generation of the Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra can completely drive the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 40 seconds,” says the chief engineer of the car.

Now, when the Toyota Supra of the new generation (index A90) is the official presented car, several questions have appeared. How fast is the long-awaited receiver of the Japanese legend? When will the higher power version appear? When will Toyota send its new sports car to conquer the famous Nürburgring race track? Unfortunately, we still do not have answers to any of these questions.

The overseas edition of Road & Track asked the Chief Engineer of the Supra project, Tetsuya Tada, how long Toyota Supra (A90) would take to overcome the Nürburgring.

It was said that the guys from Toyota had not yet decided to travel to Germany and in particular to this legendary training ground. However, Mr. Tada noted that the new sport will most likely be able to drive the entire route in 7 minutes 40 seconds.

Whether the Toyota team has a desire to actually test a sports coupe in action, so to speak in a real battle, is not yet known. In this interview, Mr. Tada gave a rather evasive answer to journalists – he said that “perhaps” the speed limiter would be removed, after which the coupe would drive at full power.

It seems to me that even if the management of the Japanese brand sends its novelty to conquer the route, it will hardly be an attempt to set a real record. The marketing component in this enterprise seems to be much more.

Not so long ago, we wrote that in 2019, Europe will receive only 900 units of the new Toyota Supra.