Toyota Century GRMN has become a scale model

Toyota Century GRMN has become a scale model

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It was released by Kyosoho, and this should make the sports version of the sedan more massive, even if we are only talking about a model on a scale of 1:18. The level of detail is quite high.

Last year, the first photos that captured the white Toyota Century GRMN sedan were quite surprising. It soon became known that this was not a rally, but more than a real car: the head of Toyota Motor Akio Toyoda was named its owner. Already this year, the company held a small presentation of the car, which was already attended by a black Toyota Century GRMN sedan. Apparently, there are at least two similar cars, but the Japanese company itself did not comment on this.

Toyota also reported nothing about the car’s power plant, but according to some reports, a 5.0-liter V8, familiar from the standard combined power plant of the new Century, is under the hood of the sedan. Presumably its power is 425 hp. but there is no confirmation from the automaker. The developers of the large-scale model decided to completely circumvent this point without showing the engine at all. Otherwise, the level of detail is quite high. This is easy to notice from the photo of the interior of the scale model, although, unfortunately, they cannot be called detailed. You can consider the steering wheel, dashboard, automatic transmission selector, light “finish” of the seats.

The exterior design elements of the Toyota Century GRMN are reproduced in detail: a black “skirt” with a red stripe around the perimeter of the car, alloy wheels, a small black spoiler on the trunk lid can be noted.

In Japan, the Kyosoho Toyota Century GRMN model is priced at 19,800 yen. It is not specified whether it is planned to offer this “machine for the domestic market” beyond.