Toyota cars will learn to detect erroneous acceleration

Toyota cars will learn to detect erroneous acceleration

February 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota is going to use the Acceleration Suppression function on its new cars, which will not allow the car to accelerate if it realizes that the driver accidentally pressed the gas pedal.

The system’s functioning algorithm is based on the analysis of “big data” that was received from connected cars, including cases of unintentional acceleration when the pedal is fully depressed.
After analyzing information about the acceleration of cars in the European technical center Toyota identified those cases when this happened unintentionally, that is, through the fault of a motorist. Based on the characteristics of such situations, an algorithm has been created that blocks acceleration. The system is similar to the Intelligent Clearance Sonar parking assistant, but it functions even if there is no obstacle in front of the machine.

 The brand will begin to implement the Acceleration Suppression function in the summer from the Japanese car market. All new cars will be equipped with it. In addition, the system will be able to install on the owners of some old models of the Japanese brand.

 Acceleration Suppression will be part of Toyota Safety Sense. Starting from the same year, it will be supplemented by the pedestrian detour assistant Emergency Steering Assist, the function of stopping when the motorist Driver Emergency Stop Assist deteriorates, and a lane holding system that can automatically slow down the car before turning, based on an analysis of its radius and vehicle speed.