Toyota carries the hydrogen concept to Paris

Toyota carries the hydrogen concept to Paris

September 14, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota has decided to show Europeans their views on the future of hydrogen cars transport. FCV Plus prototype can not only move independently, without harming the environment, but also to generate electricity, for example, for a country house.

Futuristic Concept is equipped with just four electric motors – one for each wheel. Located between the front wheels of the fuel cell unit that generates electricity by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, and hydrogen itself is stored in a special tank between the rear wheels.

The dynamic characteristics of the prototype are not called, but Toyota emphasized that the fuel cell FCV Plus can be powered by hydrogen, not only from the tank, but also from external sources. Thus, wherever the prototype will have access to hydrogen, it will be able to generate electricity for domestic use.

In size concept get smaller than Toyota Yars hatch, but it has four seats. But completely devoid of any hint of the dashboard all of controls concept may boast only the steering whell on a long desk.

The Toyota has already said that to think about the mass production of such cars do not make sense for at least 15 years to come. The company would be ready to proceed with the establishment of the production of such vehicles only after achieve reduction of the fuel cell size at least twice as compared to those that are now being used on a commercial Toyota Mirai.