Toyota captures increased demand for next-generation Corolla in Japan

Toyota captures increased demand for next-generation Corolla in Japan

October 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company summarizes the first month of sales and counts the number of orders received, analyzing their structure. The wagon in popularity was many times ahead of the sedan and hatchback.

On September 17, sales of the new generation Toyota Corolla began in the domestic market of Japan. In fact, the sedan and wagon became completely new, and the hatchback was only slightly modified, since it was already newer than other types of bodies. There was a partial change of names: the Fielder station wagon became known as Touring, the Axio sedan became just the Corolla.

Toyota reports that it received a total of 22,000 orders for Corolla in a month. 3,000 of them belong to the Corolla Spots hatchback, 5,400 to the Corolla sedan, and 13,700 to the Corolla Touring station wagon. Sales plans for each body type are exceeded. The hatchback had the most modest increase with a monthly sales plan of 2,300 cars, it is more pronounced for the sedan (1,700 cars plan), but the station wagon seemed the most interesting to the Japanese. However, Toyota initially pawned a relatively high sales volume of 5,400 cars.

About 40% of orders for the sedan are in the S configuration, and for the station wagon, almost half of all cars in the high configuration are W x B. There is also a demand for the “smart” sonar of the complex of active safety systems. In the GX configuration, it is offered for a surcharge, but 80% of customers ordered the installation.

Toyota does not provide data on the most popular colors.

The company asked buyers why Corolla was chosen and said the most popular responses were “improved handling, which makes me want to spend more time behind the wheel” and “detection by pedestrian and cyclist auto-braking at night.”