Toyota C-HR gets electric version

Toyota C-HR gets electric version

April 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It debuts at the International Motor Show in Shanghai and so far is intended only for the domestic market of China, where it will be produced immediately under two names – C-HR and IZOA.

This is due to the fact that the production of an electric crossover will be immediately two joint ventures, in which Toyota Motor is involved. In the first case, it is a partnership with the GAC, in the second – with the FAW. It is the FAW production version that will receive the original name IZOA, although it will not differ from the GAC electric C-HR.

The Japanese company has not yet published a detailed technical description of the car and its characteristics, but has released an image video in which you can see some details. In particular, the car will only drive the front, the electric motor is located at the front, and the battery pack is located under the passenger compartment floor. In the absence of data on the range, it is impossible to compare the potential of electric C-HR and assess its prospects relative to competitors. This is the first electrified Toyota model to enter the Chinese market.

The electric C-HR has several visual differences from the petrol one: the design of the grille, a fully digital instrument panel, a different mode switch, which replaced the variator selector.

The exact release date of C-HR EV and IZOA for sale is not named, but the company promises to release them during 2020. Earlier it was claimed that Toyota does not plan to withdraw electric C-HR outside China, during the Shanghai premiere the company did not give a specific answer to this question, however, it can be assumed that the GAC and FAW production versions will not leave the PRC, and by the beginning of their sales Toyota will be able to prepare a separate version for the global market.