Toyota Batmobile auctioned

Toyota Batmobile auctioned

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The model was made on the basis of Toyota MR2 2002, the cost of which was 8,000 dollars. Meanwhile, the Batmobile will be offered as early as $ 150,000.

The car was built by Character Cars, which is engaged in car rental, known for various films. Toyota MR2 was heavily modified. He received a new suspension, a body kit, which changed the appearance of a car beyond recognition, as well as wheels and tires from a military truck.

The engine was replaced with a modified 2.0-liter engine, whose power is 400 hp. It was supplemented by an exhaust system that simulates the exhaust of the flame from the pipes. The windshield was heavily toned. Infrared cameras are installed at the front and rear to help the driver orient himself better on the road and during parking. Also Toyota MR2 supplemented police flasher and siren.

The car will be sold on March 2 at Historics Auctioneers.