Toyota Aygo hatchback prepares for restyling

Toyota Aygo hatchback prepares for restyling

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota Aygo hatchback, which will soon become the only offer in the supermini segment, is preparing to change the generation. Significant changes are not expected: the model, as before, will be equipped with a traditional ICE and will remain in the same price range.

“I realize how difficult it is to make a model of this class cost-effective, and I understand competitors who refuse such cars, but we see Aygo as an opportunity to attack,” said Toyota Harrison, Executive Vice President of Toyota Europe, to Autocar.

In addition, he noted that the very low margin of electrification does not make it possible to keep the cost “acceptable”, for this reason at this stage it is easier to abandon it by returning to the classic ICE.

 The novelty will acquire a small-capacity gasoline power unit, paired with which, most likely, both manual transmission and automatic transmission will function. The design of the machine was entrusted to Toyota European engineers from Brussels, and mass production will be established in the Czech Republic.

Regarding the date of debut of the hatchback of a new generation of official information is not. It is assumed that the debut of new items will take place at the beginning of 2021.