Toyota announces promising replacement for lithium-ion batteries

Toyota announces promising replacement for lithium-ion batteries

February 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of 2020, it became known about the development of a new solid-state battery by Toyota specialists. Now, the Japanese automaker has confirmed that the new lithium metal batteries will be significantly more efficient than existing counterparts.

The development of new generation batteries is reported by many large companies and car manufacturers. For example, Volkswagen bought a startup Navistar for $ 3.8 billion and is developing an all-electric medium-duty truck International MV.

At the moment, it is unclear at what stage the development of this or that company is, however, many of them state that they are ready to submit commercial options by the mid-2020s. It is possible that Toyota will be the first: it has already announced a solid-state battery for future electric vehicles. Already today, experts call the work of the Japanese company nothing but the fact that it will completely revolutionize the market, assuring that in the coming years Toyota will release an electric car with a new battery. It is argued that compared to lithium-ion batteries, such cells demonstrate much higher performance.

“Next generation batteries, such as solid-state and metal-air batteries, are safer and offer impressive performance,” Toyota officials said.

One of the first to receive such batteries may be a subsidiary of the Japanese automaker Hino. But so far nothing is known about the timing of the appearance of solid-state batteries.