Toyota abandoned Auris six months after the premiere of the new generation

Toyota abandoned Auris six months after the premiere of the new generation

August 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

About the termination of release of Toyota Auris of speech does not go, simply hatchback and the versatile person in Europe from next year will sell under “a new-old” name.

Coplatform Corolla model Auris first generation (E150) entered in the European market in 2006. In 2012, Europe debuted the second Auris (E180), which in Japan, Australia and some other Asian countries sold already under the name Corolla, and in the US – as Scion iM (after the elimination of the brand Scion, the machine was also renamed to Corolla).

The third generation of European-designed hatch (E210) Toyota introduced in March 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. And in Switzerland they showed the five-door hatch exactly under the name Auris, and after a couple of weeks in the States debuted in essence the same car, but under the name Corolla. Now Toyota announced that in the Old World the name Auris is being liquidated – from the beginning of 2019 the European version will be sold as Corolla. The company also announced the premiere of the new generation model in the body of the station wagon – the “shed” will be dismantled at the Paris motor show, which will open in October 2018.

The Auris / Corolla of the new generation is based on the GA-C architecture of the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) with a lower center of gravity and a rear multi-link suspension. In comparison with the predecessor, the length and wheel of the European hatchback increased by 40 mm to 4,370 and 2,640 mm, respectively, the height was reduced to 1,450 mm (-25 mm), the width increased by 30 mm to 1,790 mm. The front overhang was 20 mm shorter, the rear overhang, longer, by the same 20 mm.

In the Old World, the hatch will be offered with two hybrid units. The first model got from Toyota Prius, it includes “atmospheric” 1.8 and the electric motor, cumulative return – 122 hp. As part of the second, a new “atmospheric” 2.0 family of Dynamic Force and an electric motor appear, the total power of this variant is 180 hp. Also during the presentation in Geneva for the then still Auris was announced the previous turbo engine 1.2 (on the previous model this engine produces 116 hp), but the diesel engines from the line were removed. The upcoming Toyota Corolla station wagon will probably receive the same settings as the hatchback.