Toyota 2000GT Hommage or modern version of the cult car

Toyota 2000GT Hommage or modern version of the cult car

December 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artists have provided a modern take on the legendary Toyota 2000GT sports car. In addition to the stylish appearance that matches the original, the car received an electric motor and a wide range of modern technologies.

Nirmit Soni and Sandeep Dasari, founders of joint design company TUGBOTZ, have created a beautiful concept that they call the Toyota 2000GT Hommage. Sony first came up with this design while working in Japan as a designer at Honda, sketching his early ideas on napkins. But with the help of Dasari, as well as additional computer graphics and photographs by Vitaly Enes and Konstantin Stein, Sonya’s sketches have been transformed into the beautiful 3D concept that you see here.

“The idea was not to reincarnate 2000GT, as I felt that such an idea would always fail,” Sony says in an email.

“Instead, I decided to rethink it in a modern context. We developed a modern version of the car, presented an electric motor and somehow tried to capture the essence of lightness, technology and modernity that comes from the original car. “

With some obvious inspirations from the original 2000GT, such as rounded headlights and a rearward-facing cockpit, this render also pays homage to the Carroll Shelby 2000GT racing car driven by Patrick Scooter in 1968. The white livery and the number 33 medallion on the door panels are an obvious allusion to this iconic racer who, according to Sonya, is “the best combination of design and livery for any 2000GT.”

Other impressive elements of this render include center-locking carbon fiber wheels, a slender rear trunk lid with retractable light payload, and even a retractable rear spoiler. As Sonya points out, “We tried to give the design a certain sense of maturity that reflected years of experience in car design as a team.”

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Toyota will sell spare parts for the rare 2000GT model. 50 years later, after the end of production of the Toyota 2000GT sports model, the Japanese automaker plans to continue producing spare parts for this car. Acceptance of orders starts in August.