Toyo has a new studded tire

Toyo has a new studded tire

October 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

New Observe Ice-Freezer tires with improved acceleration and braking dynamics will replace the Observe G3-Ice model.

Like the previous model, the distinctive feature of Toyo Observe Ice-Freezer winter studded tires is a symmetrical directional tread pattern. The difference lies in the fact that the central part of the picture became wider, while the arrow-shaped blocks changed the angle of their position to less acute. Thus, the developers managed to increase the number of edges that cling to the road during acceleration and deceleration. Due to this, acceleration and deceleration have become more efficient.

The middle part of the figure has a continuous inseparable edge in the center, which has a positive effect on course stability. The protector in the contact patch does not spread, but retains its structure. This was achieved due to bridges between the blocks in the depth of the grooves, as well as due to the undulating 3D lamellas with effective coupling edges. For better adhesion to the road surface in all directions, the lamellae are at various angles.

Water and snow porridge are diverted from the contact patch along wide and deep, and most importantly, absolutely straight transverse channels. As a result, nothing prevents the removal and the loose or liquid substance is easily thrown out. When driving in deep snow, the movement is facilitated by the Snow Blade technology – these are thin vertical projections on the sides of the shoulder area.

Observe Ice-Freezer tires also feature new Ice Force spikes. Their carbide tip is no longer round, but a pentagonal shape has improved penetrating properties, whichever way the wheels spin. The spike bites well into the ice and when sliding sideways. Near each spike there are notches – these are additional coupling edges, as well as pockets for ice chips. At the same time, the number of studs has increased to 28, and now tearing them out of rubber is much more difficult thanks to the increased lower flanges. As for the Toyo Observe Ice-Freezer tire carcass, it is made of a particularly stiff polyester and heavy-duty filling cord, which is responsible for the strength of the sidewalls.

An interesting fact: in the composition of the rubber mixture Toyo Observe Ice-Freezer there is a crushed walnut shell (Microbit technology). These small particles improve the adhesion properties of a tire on ice at temperatures below –25 degrees. The walnut shell is stronger than ice and, when crushed, has very sharp edges. This unusual additive has only the upper, working layer of rubber. A tighter inner layer, which is responsible for the stability of the tread and the strength of the fit of the spikes, does not need it.