Toy Cybertruck made of cardboard and toothpicks does a good job off-road

Toy Cybertruck made of cardboard and toothpicks does a good job off-road

September 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup, which debuted late last year, inspired independent designers and enthusiasts to create interesting replicas. One of them is a miniature cardboard copy of a pickup truck.

A video posted on the Liberman YouTube channel tells about an unusual project. It tells about the assembly of the radio-controlled model, and also demonstrates scenes of its test drive in “harsh” road conditions.

To make the experiment no different from testing real cars, the toy Tesla was loaded with a miniature ATV. With its help, it was possible to demonstrate how the little car lowers the rear part of the body, like a real car with air suspension.

When creating this model, cardboard, toothpicks, wooden sticks, two engines, etc. were used. Recall that the original pickup could boast of a special grade of heavy-duty steel and bullet-proof glass.

Also, the creators tried to adhere to the original concept of the pickup design: minimalism, sharp corners, clear straight lines.
The car even has a retractable lip leading into the cargo hold.

The new electric pickup should go into series at the end of next year. However, such a long wait does not scare the fans of the brand: the number of pre-orders for the new product continues to set new records.

For the most affordable Cybertruck with one electric motor and a range of over 400 kilometers, you will have to pay $ 39,900. The twin-engine pickup will be priced at $ 49,900. The top variant with three electric motors will cost $ 69,900. In this case, the client can count on a power reserve of more than 800 kilometers.

Previously, tuning masters in Bosnia made a replica of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup. It should be noted that the car turned out to be very detailed both outside and in terms of the interior. At the same time, the information on the basis of which car was able to make such an exact copy is kept secret.