Touchscreens in modern car salons turned out to be dirtier than toilets

Touchscreens in modern car salons turned out to be dirtier than toilets

August 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The rating of the dirtiest places in the car was compiled by the British portal Compare the Market. To understand this issue, experts carefully checked the interiors of ten cars belonging to different price categories – from family cars and premium cars to work vans.

In the course of the study, experts took samples from the steering wheel, gear knob, turn signal switches, seat belts, seats, interior door handles, control buttons, electronic touch screens, cabin mirror housing, etc.

At the same time, British experts took another sample, not related to the auto industry. To make the comparison more illustrative, the British studied the “microflora” of the seat of an ordinary office toilet.

It turned out that the most polluted place inside the car was the multimedia touchscreen. In some “experimental” cars, these screens had more bacteria than in the sample from the office toilet. Moreover, there was a threefold increase.

To determine the number of bacteria, special materials and equipment were used. Experts compared the results obtained with ATP (participates in the metabolism of energy and substances in organisms). With its help, you can judge the cleanliness of a particular surface. Another “problematic” place in modern cars is the steering wheel. Another curious observation: the interior of a family car can be dirtier (almost twice) than the interior of a working vehicle.

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