Toto Wolff We are not favorites of the Grand prix of Italy

Toto Wolff We are not favorites of the Grand prix of Italy

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The head of the Mercedes team Toto Wolff summed up the results of the stage in the Spa and spoke about the difficulties that await the championship team in the upcoming Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

Toto Wolff: “If we talk about the results of performances, then after the weekend in the Spa we have a lot to do. We lost in qualification, and although our pace looked promising, we could not win. However, given our speed in Belgium last year, we were able to take a step forward.

This year our car is not the best at maximum speed, but we have made some progress in slow corners and in controlling rubber wear. Thus, there are positive results of the race in the Spa.

We do not expect that the Grand Prix of Italy will be an easy weekend. Monza – the track of engines in Formula 1, where high power and low drag are important. Although this season we have the fastest car, it does not fit the tracks, where the maximum speed on the lines is crucial. However, we have already seen that Ferrari racers are fast on highways on Saturdays, but not so strong on Sundays, namely, points are awarded based on the results of this day. We are not the favorites of the Italian stage, but we will do everything possible to compete with the red team this weekend.

The stage in Monza is special thanks to the historical track and fantastic atmosphere. You don’t have to be a Ferrari fan to appreciate the passion of tifozi. They are not rooting for us, but they have the same love for racing that drives us all. We are ready for an interesting weekend in Italy, which completes the European part of the season. ”