Toto Wolff: We are not afraid of difficulties

Toto Wolff: We are not afraid of difficulties

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Mercedes, they confidently began the season – after two races on the account of the team, two victorious doubles, however, the head Toto Wolff urges not to rush to conclusions, because the speed of the car leaves much to be desired.

Toto Wolff: “After two races in 2019, one might get the impression that the team is in good shape. We have 87 points, just one point less than the maximum possible number, but the position in the Constructors’ Championship does not fully reflect the true situation.

The truth is that in qualifying and in the race in Bahrain we were not as fast as our direct rivals. Ferrari cars are much faster on the straight, which gave them an advantage of a few tenths of the circle. However, let’s not forget the saying: “To finish first, you first need to finish.” The combination of a good performance of the team, reliability of the car and strong aerobatics of the racers provided us with a winning double.

We are not afraid of difficulties – on the contrary, they give strength. We will continue to attack, to get the maximum from the car and hold the race as well as possible. We will try to put pressure, maximize opportunities and continue to upgrade the car. This season we have already seen exciting races, and look forward to another fight in Shanghai.

At the Grand Prix of China in 2019 will be the thousandth race of Formula 1. A thousand races for almost seventy years testify to the fantastic traditions and heritage of the sport. We are proud to present one of the largest world brands in the racing series and will do everything possible to arrange a good show this historic weekend. ”