Toto Wolff: There is no guarantee of success

Toto Wolff: There is no guarantee of success

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the weekend in Singapore, the head of Mercedes AMG Toto Wolff summed up the results of the previous Grand Prix and spoke about the upcoming race …

Toto Wolff: “Having returned from the summer holidays, we knew that the next two races would be difficult for us. But in both of these races, both of our riders went up to the podium, and the team earned 67 points – the result exceeded expectations. Nevertheless, we are unhappy that we could not win at Spa and Monza – everyone in Brackley and Brixworth is waiting for new victories.

The next race will be held in Singapore – we are waiting for the evening stage, effectively representing our sport. Changing the work schedule and climate will complicate the work of the team – the temperature in the boxes rises to forty degrees and above with very high humidity. Working in such conditions is not easy for both riders and cars.

For a long time, the track in Singapore was one of our weaknesses, last year we were able to add and achieved a good result, but there are no guarantees – for this we need to fully realize the potential of the car and tires. We look forward to a tense struggle under bright lights. ”