Toro Rosso has problems with Soft tires

Toro Rosso has problems with Soft tires

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the Toro Rosso divided training program Friday – Daniil Kvyat worked with the third specification of the power plant Honda and was preparing for the race, and Alexander Elbon adhered to the usual plan for the weekend. The team noted problems with rubber due to the high temperature of the asphalt …

Alexander Elbon (13th): “Not the easiest day. Between the first and second workouts, we took a step forward, but it turned out to be difficult to completely deal with the tires – the temperature of the track was very high. It is necessary to study the telemetry in order to understand, due to what we can add to the qualification.

As usual, the results in the middle group are very dense, you need to somehow play these tenths in order to qualify for the finals tomorrow. ”

Daniil Kvyat (15th): “It’s not so bad, productive day. It was not easy to completely deal with the tires, but we still could learn a lot. The second training was quite clear, we were able to understand what positions we are in relation to the others.

As for me, the focus was on preparing for the race, but I still drove a few short series to understand how fast the car is in such conditions. I believe that today we have done everything that is necessary, now we need to understand how we can add. ”

Jonathan Eddols, chief race engineer: “Weekend on Paul Ricard is very hot, tires have a hard time – there are always problems with rubber, which turned out to be the main topic of the day. We expected the high temperature of the track and the complexity in order to make the C4, which has a narrow operating range, work.

We decided to put the third specification of the Honda power unit on the car of Daniel this weekend, which became for him the fourth in the season.

At the beginning of the first session, both cars had problems with tire adhesion and balance. It was especially hard due to overheating of the tires, but during the session we adjusted a lot, which allowed us to add in the second training session. Since this weekend because of the fine Daniel is not working at a very familiar program, at the beginning of the second session we were able to supply him with two sets of Soft, to understand the behavior of the car and try to show a quick time.

For Alex, the session went smoothly. The composition of the Medium has a wider working range – these tires provide the same speed on the fast lap as Soft, and were more suitable for the conditions that were in the second training session.

As during most weekends, in the middle of the peloton a very tight fight is again, and in qualifying every split second will matter. We occupy lower positions than expected, but we plan to analyze the data in the evening and adjust the car settings for qualification and race. ”

Toyoharu Tanabe, Technical Director, Honda F1: “Today, on all of our vehicles, except for Elbon, there was a third version of the power plant. Elbon continues to work with the second version, because we decided not to receive fines with two Toro Rosso machines at once, using the fourth powerplant for the season.

We did not have serious problems – the day went smoothly, we worked on finding the best settings for the latest version of the power plant. In the evening, we will analyze all the data before we continue to adjust the settings in the final workout. ”