Topaz unveils unique McLaren Speedtail in bright red

Topaz unveils unique McLaren Speedtail in bright red

September 7, 2020 Off By autotimesnews

The three-seater hypercar with the most efficient aerodynamics began to be delivered to customers not so long ago. Despite this, the tuners from Topaz Detailing also managed to work on the appearance of the McLaren Speedtail, making it even brighter.

The McLaren Speedtail Percar with its eye-catching streamlined carbon fiber body will be hard to get lost among its kind. The guys from Topaz Detailing have added bright colors to the hypercar.

On a cursory examination of the car, it seems that the tuners have painted it in McLaren’s “volcano red” shade. However, the hypercar’s palette is not so straightforward: gradually the color becomes darker and towards the stern it acquires not a juicy, but a dark red color. Such a gradient coloring looks impressive. The dark red continues on the front wheels.

In addition to the stylish color, the McLaren Speedtail gets signature Topaz paint protection. Supercar owners will definitely appreciate such an upgrade, since it costs quite a lot of money.

It is known that the tuning studio worked on the hypercar at the request of a client whose name was not disclosed. The customer also asked for a custom engine cover that also starts with regular high-gloss carbon fiber and then goes into dark red carbon. Inside the car, the driver’s seat is trimmed with red leather, and the two passenger seats are decorated with dark red Alcantara.

Recall that the Speedtail is driven by a gasoline-electric hybrid power plant that produces 1,055 hp. The hypercar will accelerate to 300 km / h in less than 13 seconds, and its top speed is 403 km / h. The McLaren Speedtail will be a one-off product: a total of 106 hypercars are planned to be produced.

Meanwhile, Novitec has created a 700-horsepower version of the McLaren GT coupe. The tuners not only increased the power of the engine of the “Briton”, but also prepared a stylish aerodynamic body kit for it. Due to the boosted engine, it was possible to slightly increase the maximum speed of the British coupe.