Top Gear presented a video review on the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar

Top Gear presented a video review on the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale supercar

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Now we will finally be able to get acquainted with another Italian masterpiece as closely as possible. The car is exhibited in the new showroom, located in the posh part of London.

When the Italian company Ferrari introduced its new SF90 Stradale supercar back in May of this year, only a few had the opportunity to test this car. The fact is that the novelty was presented at a closed presentation.

The SF90 Stradale is the first car of the Italian brand with a hybrid engine based on gasoline V8, as well as the world’s first serial hybrid from Ferrari. As the representatives of the brand have repeatedly stated, the SF90 Stradale is more than just a variation of an existing product, since it is a completely new car. You are looking at the most powerful Ferrari ever created for driving on public roads, which can, if desired, work in pure electric mode.

The Top Gear edition had the opportunity to lively see the appearance of the car with a lot of chips for the magic aerodynamics to make the coupe as smooth as possible while remaining true to the latest style of the Ferrari.

Jack Ricks argues that the supercar looks more dramatic than official images, with a wide body and short front and rear overhangs. These air intakes under the headlights supply cold air to the front brakes, and massive side-mounted counterparts ensure that the engine runs at an optimal temperature all the time.

An integrated rear spoiler boasts a movable panel with the inscription Ferrari, which bends down to act as an air brake or provide additional downforce. Even forged wheels were engineered to fit aerodynamics, since they have equally spaced radial elements between the spokes, which serve as wing profiles, which makes the wheel basically look like a rotor blade for better airflow control.

Inside, the novelty is worth noting the gear selector with a metal plate, which can make you remember the older model with a beautiful gated switch, while numerous sensory surfaces have eliminated many of the usual controls that we used to see in Ferrari.