TOP 5 Tokyo Motor Show: Artificial Intelligence, Cartoon Cars and the New Cross Roadster

TOP 5 Tokyo Motor Show: Artificial Intelligence, Cartoon Cars and the New Cross Roadster

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Tokyo auto show will open its doors on October 23, 2019, and despite the decline in the interest of automotive brands in such events, in Japan they will show us a lot of interesting things. Our portal decided to sort out the list of participants and present its own five most interesting new products.

  Japan constantly surprises us with its cars for the domestic market, unlike any other in the world, as well as a strict and rational approach to design throughout the rest of the world. Therefore, the Tokyo Motor Show occupies a separate line in the schedule for a visit. Even before the opening, you know for sure that something unusual is waiting for you. And the editors of AutoTimesNews decided to make the TOP-5 of the most interesting novelties of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Its opening will take place on October 23, 2019.

As the availability of technology, rather than design and luxury, becomes more and more necessary in modern cars, the Toyota concept came first. The model, called LQ, is a continuation of the development of another concept presented in Los Angeles at CES 2017. The model is equipped with a fully electric power plant with a range of up to 300 km, an automatic piloting system and a new version of artificial intelligence, which was left the name Yui in Japan.

 Artificial intelligence is responsible for the communication of the driver with the car, as well as for its settings. For example, Yui can independently select music according to the preferences of the “owner”, set the temperature, volume, suggest possible destination points, control the degree of driver fatigue. In addition, using the projection system in the front optics, the AI ​​will be able to point to holes on the asphalt, display prompts directly to the road, and so on.

The second electric car from Nissan, built on the basis of the famous Leaf model, came in second place. In addition to the expected stylish design, the compact sitikar will receive a unique system with which it can share the accumulated energy. The design of the compact crossover was given special attention. It combines modern futurism and classic Japanese art.

 The company does not say anything about the power plant, but it can be assumed that the Nissan IMk will receive a range of more than 300 km, a capacity of about 150 horsepower and many electronic assistants. In addition, the designers paid much attention to the comfort of passengers, promising a spacious interior, despite the small size. Also, the car will constantly be connected to the fifth generation wireless network, which will ensure tight integration with cloud services.

Three leaders closes an unusual concept from Mitsubishi. The company decided to go beyond its own routine and is preparing a unique crossover with the body of a roadster called Mi-Tech. The concept is a symbiosis of bold design decisions, company innovations in the approach to creating cars, as well as new technologies in powertrains. Judging by the early images, the model will receive compact dimensions, an open roof, as well as a multimedia system with the projection of the image on the windshield.

 But the main feature will be a hybrid gas turbine installation. Four electric motors, one for each wheel, and a compact gas turbine engine in the role of a generator will lie at the base. Dynamic and power characteristics have not yet been reported.

In fourth place was a whole line of new models from Daihatsu. The company decided to bring to the market new models of key cars in an interesting cartoony way, and with no less interesting names. On October 23, 2019, models will be presented at the Tokyo Motor Show: Waku Waku crossover, Wai Wai six-seater micro-van, Ico Ico tourist shuttle and Tsumu Tsumu truck.

 All these models are distinguished by a single cartoonish design concept, ultra-compact dimensions and economical power plants. While the details of the technical part are kept secret. But judging by the appearance – it will be a new modular platform with wide scalability, as well as body layout. The motor line will be represented by small engines, hybrids, and possibly electric motors.

The five of our rating closes a unique unmanned mobile home. Erwin Hymer, a mobile home company, will introduce the Galileo concept. As explained in the company, they will present a modular platform for various add-ons. Its feature will be a fifth-level autonomous control system, a complete lack of steering, as well as the ability to individually configure the internal space of the house on wheels.

 Using the new concept, the leading manufacturer of motorhomes is trying to rethink the very concept of a motor home. People will be able to rent a particular body suitable for the requirements of their trip. Even a business trip to another city will become easier, and a person will not need to look for a place to spend the night.