Top 5 New Porsche 911 Designer Chips

Top 5 New Porsche 911 Designer Chips

January 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the official YouTube channel of the German automaker, a video was published showing the main 5 design pieces of the new-generation Porsche 911 sports coupe. The presentation of the car took place at the end of last year.

As part of the video, Peter Varga, who is the current design director of Porsche, talks in detail about the design features of the next generation coupe 911. If you know German, then you are lucky! He claims that 911 is “one of the most unique cars in automotive history,” which was largely achieved thanks to an “unmistakable silhouette” that is familiar to absolutely everyone.

Ospodin Varga singled out five main designer chips of the novelty.

So let’s go. The first is the vertical LED strip of the third brake light – they are integrated into the grille of the engine cover. At first glance, at the back of the car you won’t even know if these lights are there or not. It is noteworthy that their shape resembles the pause button and is one of the “distinctive elements of the new generation coupe (internal factory index 992)”.

The second chip, this is a solid LED strip that connects the taillights. Like the wide wheel arches and rear fenders (this is the third difference of the novelty), a continuous brake light is a tribute to the first generation of the 911 Turbo model.

In front of the car, the width of the body was increased by 45 mm, which not only creates additional space for a wider front track, but is one of the most characteristic design elements of the new 911. Thus, the front wings are much longer than before.

Finally, the designer’s favorite feature in the new 911 is the overall proportions of the car. In his opinion, the wider and lower the car, the more sporting it seems.