TOP 5 most anticipated car show CES in Las Vegas

TOP 5 most anticipated car show CES in Las Vegas

January 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In Las Vegas, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open, which will outline the main trends in various industries in the coming year. This show will present not only the latest in the video and audio market, but also the automotive industry.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is considered one of the most spectacular. We remembered all the announced debutants and made a rating of the most interesting and long-awaited them. The exhibition will open its doors on January 7, and one of its main exhibits will be the luxury electric SUV Fisker Ocean EV Prototype, which is called one of the most environmentally friendly cars in the world. The concept car resembles the current Range Rover cars, and its “range”, according to the developers, reaches 500 kilometers.

The concept electric car will get on the conveyor in the 2021st, and its first deliveries are scheduled for 2022. As for the price list for cars, it will not exceed $ 40,000

  Experts gave the second place to the Segway S-Pod mobile two-wheeled chair. You can control such vehicles using the joystick, which changes the center of gravity of the chair, forcing it to move forward or backward. Small wheels are used for towing or when charging. A pre-production prototype will be brought to CES, but a serial S-Pod is expected in the third quarter of this year. The market debut of the novelty is scheduled for 2021.

  What follows is the Hyundai Motor Company with its first personal air transport (PAV) concept. This is a compact flying car that can take on board just one person. This car is ideal for daily trips or short walks in the city. Another project of the “Koreans” is a compact modular PBV platform with autonomous control functions. These two new products, according to their creators, are able to form a new ecosystem in cities.

  Toyota is also pursuing the same goal with its Mobility Ecosystem. At the brand’s booth, visitors will be able to see electric vehicles e-Palette, micro-Palette, LQ, as well as new batteries for BEV. Not without the aviation zone, where Toyota AI Ventures and Toyota IP Solutions will be presented. The company sees a new ecosystem in drones and electric vehicles, which will become an integral part of the segment of services and goods: delivery services, unmanned taxi and more.

  The rating could not have done without another major CES novelty – the upgraded electric car BMW i3 Urban Suite. The interior of this car was thoroughly redrawn, after which it began to resemble a room in an expensive hotel or office on wheels. The car receives an environmentally friendly finish: natural wood, vegetable-tanned leather, fabrics containing recyclable materials, as well as mats that are recyclable.