Top 5 Las Vegas New Products at CES-2019 in January

Top 5 Las Vegas New Products at CES-2019 in January

December 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) consumer electronics exhibition is attracting more and more attention from automotive concerns, as the symbiosis between electronics and cars is increasing. 2019 is no exception and we have compiled the top five of the most interesting presentations.

We expect a lot of major presentations at CES-2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) from international automakers with a century of history, as well as from start-up start-ups, which no one had heard before. It is expected that companies will show from electric hatchbacks to technologies for recognizing the mood and design of cars of the future.

Audi will show at CES a unique next-generation interactive “cinema”. We do not yet know the details, but the company promises to use the most interesting and new technologies, which are increasingly integrating into cars and mobile systems. According to preliminary information, Audi will demonstrate the new multimedia capabilities of the car with streaming video from the Internet. Perhaps there will be presented their own services for this. The system will work exclusively on a stand-up machine for the time being, and in the future it will be combined with unmanned technology.

The German manufacturer of components Bosch will be widely represented at CES 2019. The company is going to show off-line electric shuttles that can be used in cities in the future around the world. BOSCH at its booth will show exactly how it is involved in the project: a new infotainment system, electric motors, as well as a new software platform that allows you to control the space inside and outside the shuttle. On the basis of this platform, there are already systems that are capable of recognizing gum under the seat or spilled liquid on the floor.

KIA is going to equip its cars with intelligent systems capable of recognizing human emotions. As part of CES, the company will show the concept of future technology already in the working prototype. The complex is being developed with the participation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it relies on the AI ​​and the so-called biosignal recognition to determine joy, sadness or fatigue. After that, the system changes the lighting, music and aromatization of the air.

Mercedes-Benz will go further and introduce a new second-generation CLA. Unfortunately, the details are still unknown, and rumors sometimes contradict each other. The only true fact remains the dark teaser image. Top car options will be equipped with a new multimedia complex Mercedes-Benz User eXperience (MBUX). Specifications – like many others – remain secret.

Nissan is also preparing to present a new car at CES 2019, but so far it is silent about any details. Reliable rumors say that the Japanese company is going to present a new version of the electric car Leaf with an increased power reserve. We are sure that the car will receive a 60 kW * hour battery and will be able to drive up to 320 km. In addition, for the first time, Nissan will show visitors a “charged” version of Nismo RC in America.

Among other things, modern consumer electrification systems, new start-up concepts, conceptual designs from electronic giants will be demonstrated at the consumer electronics exhibition. CES attracts more and more companies, and in 2019 even Harley-Davidson with their electric motorcycle will visit the exhibition.