TOP-5 cars, abandoned in the first year

TOP-5 cars, abandoned in the first year

April 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For many, it is no secret that the quality of a new car can be determined by how quickly it appears on the secondary market. Therefore, we have presented a rating of cars that sell in the first year of ownership after purchase.

Buying a new car is always the euphoria of owning the desired novelty. However, the admiration passes during the week, and then the owner can consider his own car from the logic side. And it is far from uncommon when an understanding comes about making a mistake. Therefore we represents the top five cars that are abandoned during the first 12 months. The ranking takes into account statistical data from monitoring service iSeeCars.

It is also worth noting that the rapid sale of new cars is not so massive, and makes up only 3.4% of the entire market.

In the first place was the Mercedes-Benz C-class. Surprisingly, as many as 12.4% of new car owners decide to sell their car in the very first year of ownership. It is possible that most owners want to switch to a more powerful or expensive option from the Mercedes line, but it is also possible that the reason for the sale is the reliability of the car. In any case, it is strange to see the company Mercedes at the head of this rating.

Second place went to no less famous representative of the big German automakers. The leader among the “refusers” from the Bavarian concern BMW has become a model 3-Series. It accounts for 11.8%. As with the leader of the ranking, the reasons for refusal can be completely different. Nevertheless, it has long been known that 3-Series rather quickly loses value with age, and also has some problems with reliability and cost of maintenance.

Three leaders closes another representative of the premium brand. The new Land Rover Discovery Sport has 11.8% failure rate during the first 12 months of ownership. Experts note that the owners of new cars are disappointed with the quality of the car itself, as well as the cost of its service. Unfortunately, experts do not know which model the former owners are transferring to.

JLR in this rating is found for the second time already, but with the Range Rover Evoque model, which 10.9% of new owners refuse. Closes our today’s rating of “charged” baby Mini Cooper Clubman. It accounts for 10.7% of failures.

Next in the top seven best-selling cars in the first year were the following models: BMW X1: 10.4%; BMW X3: 9.0%;