TOP 5 best new Tokyo Motor Show

TOP 5 best new Tokyo Motor Show

October 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Tokyo International Auto Show 2019 kicked off this week, where many new and already familiar car models were introduced.

Tokyo Motor Show is an international exhibition of automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, held every two years in the autumn in Tokyo, Japan, with the support of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. It was first held in 1954. It is a recognized international organization of automobile designers (OICA) car dealership, which often represent concept cars than production models.

This year was no exception and we introduced you to a large number of new products. presented at the auto show. But today the editors AutoTimesNews decided to systematize all the models and present the TOP-5 of the most interesting concept cars in our opinion.

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech

The Japanese automaker introduced a very unusual two-seater concept, called the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech. This is a model without a roof or doors, with large sides, giant wheel arches and a massive rear with fans. The appearance of the latter in the company was explained by the fact that a hybrid with a plug-in module is used as a generator, in which, instead of a conventional piston engine, a turbine engine is used to charge the batteries and power four engines, one for each wheel.

In the interior, designers used a minimalist approach, getting rid of most buttons and switches. It does not even have a traditional infotainment complex on the center console. And all that is available to the driver is a digital dashboard and a massive display with virtual reality technology. The only physical switches are located on the top of the center console.

Toyota E-Racer

This almost open racing electric car is designed to show the future of Japanese electric cars, in which there is still room for drive. The car was presented by Toyota Head Akio Toyota, but no details have been reported yet, including technical specifications.

Visitors to the exhibition were even given the opportunity to independently choose a virtual race track and ride on a new concept. Along with the e-Racer concept, Toyota also demonstrates a “virtual fitting function” that can perform accurate user measurements for tailor-made racing suits.

Suzuki Waku Spo

This cool concept car with two seats is made in retro style and is designed to show the future family car for recreation and entertainment. The small Suzuki Waku Spo A-segment vehicle is a hybrid plug-in and a family car that can be customized with a switch that changes the shape of the body and what is displayed on the dashboard. The version shown in Tokyo is a two-tone coupe with cameras instead of side mirrors.

By pressing just one button, the rear of the car is transformed from a station wagon to a compartment, the front part and even the interior are changing. The company noted that a number of stylistic decisions may soon appear on production Suzuki models.

Subaru Levorg

Subaru has been selling Levorg in Japan for almost 6 years, so it’s not surprising that the station wagon is about to change generations. An updated model with a long roof was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show as a prototype, but it is expected that in 2020 a serial version of the concept car will be released with minimal changes.

Given that the design of the new product has not changed much, and is more like restyling the current model, Subaru claims that the Levorg is a completely new car. The novelty was created on the Subaru Global platform, which debuted in 2017 on the Impreza model, and since then appeared at the heart of models such as Legacy / Outback and Ascent.

Lexus LF-30

Premium Japanese carmaker Lexus has brought the electrified LF-30 concept, which represents a vision for the brand’s future electrified models.

The first model of the company’s new electrification plan, called the Lexus Electrified, was the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept. The new concept is aimed at a fundamental leap in productivity, handling, control and driver pleasure – even though mobility in our society continues to change with autonomous driving and electrifying a car. To create true driving pleasure, Lexus has developed new, advanced posture control systems and a range of completely new electrification technologies.

The company said that in November this year they will present their first BEV. In the future, the range of electric cars of the brand will be expanded by a hybrid.y and by 2025 Lexus will have electrified versions of all Lexus cars available, aiming to ensure that their sales outstrip sales of models of cars with a traditional internal combustion engine.