Too loud Ford Mustang filled exhaust pipes with foam

Too loud Ford Mustang filled exhaust pipes with foam

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thus, the owner of a sports car avenged the noise

Ford Mustang owner Aaron Robinson told Facebook what happened to his car. One of the neighbors, dissatisfied with the too loud exhaust sound of a sports car, poured foam over the car’s exhaust pipes and left a note with a threat. Robinson was given two weeks to install a silencer.

The note said: “Finally, I found you! You wanted to get our attention, but you did not expect the consequences to be exactly that. I give you 14 days to install a working silencer, otherwise you will regret it! ” The number of the local police station was indicated below and there was a note that it was pointless to contact law enforcement officers with a complaint about damage to property.

On his Facebook page, Robinson expressed surprise at such an eccentric act of a neighbor and stated that he was a “reasonable person” and would fix the problem, “it would be enough to just ask.”

Since 2017, the Ford Mustang has been equipped with a feature that the company has called Good Neighbor Mode (“Good Neighbor Mode”). With its help, the exhaust sound of a sports car is reduced by 10 decibels to 72 decibels, and then the Mustang does not sound louder than a dishwasher. Moreover, low sound volume can be scheduled for a certain time. For example, in the morning, so as not to wake up the neighbors when starting the engine.