Too loud cars will be fined with special cameras

Too loud cars will be fined with special cameras

June 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Acoustic fixation complexes will appear in the UK in a few months

The Ministry of Transport of Great Britain will install “acoustic chambers” in different parts of the country to catch too loud violators. With the help of such complexes, the government hopes to solve the problem of rural residents who complain about excessive noise from tuned cars and motorcycles.

The technology of “acoustic cameras” is still imperfect, writes the BBC, so they will appear on the roads of the country no earlier than seven months. Their installation is lobbied by representatives of rural communities who are tired of motorists, modifying the exhaust systems of their cars. The permissible noise level, as well as the size of the fine, has not yet been determined by the UK Transport Department.

The main element of the “acoustic camera” is a highly sensitive microphone. It reads the noise level of the approaching vehicle, determines whether the permissible level is violated and, if necessary, activates the camera, which takes a picture of the car and sends it to the information processing center for a fine.

Transport Minister Chris Grailing is confident that the cameras will help protect the most vulnerable groups of the population from noise, as well as help in the fight against young people on tuned cars. Since there are not enough police resources for this, it was decided to call upon modern technologies for help.