Tom Hanks bought himself a birthday car

Tom Hanks bought himself a birthday car

July 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The famous Hollywood actor celebrated his 62nd birthday on July 9, and a couple of days later he laid out in his Instagram a photo with a very strange purchase.

“I bought a used car!” – said in a photo caption Tom Hanks. In the frame, he stands in a ravine next to a long abandoned and rusted hatchback, the brand and model of which is difficult to identify (perhaps it’s Fiat Uno), and tries to open the driver’s door.

It is clear that this is such a joke (although not all of the 5.2 million subscribers of Instagram Hanks understood this), and the actor, who is actively being shot in large-budget Hollywood films, can afford a new car, and very expensive, but for some reason he is attracted to it all autogoods and he regularly photographed with them and shares pictures with fans. So, last spring, Hanks boasted that he “bought himself a new truck”

I got a new truck! I'm going camping! Hanx.

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