Tokyo airport began testing unmanned bus

Tokyo airport began testing unmanned bus

January 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Visitors arriving at Japan’s Haneda Airport next year will be able to travel from the plane to the terminal by bus without a driver. Now the car is being tested.

Last week, six Japanese companies, including the national carrier ANA, jointly launched a 10-day experiment with an unmanned prototype minibus.

In our latitudes, unmanned buses and trams have not yet taken to the streets. But in many countries, passenger unmanned vehicles are already becoming commonplace.

According to the portal, on Tuesday, the car made the first fully autonomous trip. True, for greater reliability, the driver in the front seat was an automatic safety driver. He did not intervene in the process, but was ready to take control immediately if something went wrong.

“We hope that we can offer users autonomous buses for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020,” – said ANA project manager Tadakatsu Yamaguchi.

The vehicle accommodates a maximum of 10 people and runs along the route connecting the two terminals at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour using GPS and magnetic markers on the road.

Japan hopes that the 2020 Games will provide an opportunity for the country to demonstrate advanced technology projects. One of these may be autonomous transport, the importance of which is particularly great in a country experiencing labor shortages.

“The population decline puts us at risk of not being able to conduct operations, which is why we are now striving to introduce autonomous mobility technologies that allow us to do the same with fewer people,” – said Yamaguchi.