Todt: As a punishment Verstappen can translate into stewards

Todt: As a punishment Verstappen can translate into stewards

December 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

During the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Dutch racer had a fight with Esteban Okon, for which he was fined two days of community service as a punishment.

After the decision of the Grand Prix stewards, many were puzzled by the question: what is meant by “community service”? The head of the “Red Bull” even joked about this, suggesting that Max will brew tea for FIA President Jean Todt.

However, Todt himself does not intend to joke and says that Verstappen, for his “unsportsmanlike behavior,” will have to work as a steward during racing weekends.

“Such situations (meaning Verstappen and Okon’s scuffle – editorial note) also imply responsibility for their actions. You need to be able to restrain your emotions, and also respect fans and fans. Otherwise, you may be hurt by the consequences. In this case, we have not yet decided what these consequences will be for Max, but they will definitely be aimed at supporting Formula One.

Maybe he will work together with other stewards at trainings or be involved during their training. And maybe he will work with staff in other racing categories to understand what this is not an easy job. In any case, we will come to some definite solution. ”

Meanwhile, the team Force India announced the change of its name and the final composition of the pilot for the season 2019.