Today is the birthday of the motorcycle

Today is the birthday of the motorcycle

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On this day, August 29, marks 134 years since the advent of the first motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. In 1885, it was patented by none other than Gottlieb Daimler.

Actually, then the motorcycle was not a motorcycle, but a two-wheeled wagon, which in 1885 Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach used as a stand to demonstrate their invention – an internal combustion engine. But in history, it is considered the forerunner of all modern motorcycles, as previously no ICE was installed on vehicles of this design.

The 264 cm³ power unit had one cylinder and was refueled with kerosene. Its power was 1.5 hp and its speed was enormous at that time 12 km / h.

The engine was mounted on a wooden frame, and that on two wooden wheels. In the same year, Daimler patented the “horse-drawn cart with an internal combustion engine.” However, motorcycles were not the main goal of engineers and they did not return to their design. The “wagon” itself burned down in a fire in 1904, but a hundred years later replicas were created mainly for museums and exhibitions.

 If before motorcycles were just a means of transportation, now it is a huge culture with sports championships, customization and all kinds of festivals. Happy birthday motorcycle!