Toast: Radio communication problems

Toast: Radio communication problems

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Both riders Toro Rosso all weekend in Barcelona showed excellent speed, and in the race claimed the points, but lost a lot of time at the second pit-foot, when the mechanics were not ready to take them …

Daniil Kvyat (9th): “In today’s race there were several exciting moments, but we missed the chance to achieve a really good result, when at my pit stop the tires were not ready. The decision to call in the boxes was made at the last moment, and in such difficult situations this sometimes happens – I am sure the team will draw conclusions.

I could finish seventh – this position I took before the unsuccessful pit stop. However, today we still earned a couple of points, which is always good. The efficiency of the machine increases, I feel more comfortable in it. “

Alexander Elbon (11th): “It’s a shame to be left with nothing when you are so close to points, but the battle with Roman turned out to be fun. I had to retreat – when we both decided to take the right, a collision could occur. I had to hit the brakes, and I lost speed in the first corner – otherwise I could get ahead of him.

We lost the race because of a hitch in the pit stop. You need to understand what happened – today, both of our cars had to finish in the top ten. This is disappointing, but I am pleased with my performance, and in Monaco I hope to fight again for points. ”

Guillaume Desoteaux, chief race engineer: “The result again does not fully match the potential of the car. The first segment for both pilots turned out strong, they did not lag behind Haas and created a small lead over Carlos. On the second stretch, Daniel immediately beat Kimi and showed an excellent pace at Medium, ahead of Magnussen. Alex had some difficulties due to the vibration of the tires, but he managed to keep up with the cars ahead.

When the safety car appeared on the track, we decided to stop to go to the second set of Medium and attack those who were ahead. In theory, everything looked good, but due to problems with radio communications, we lost a lot of time. After the restart, Daniel lost his position in relation to Carlos, but was able to overtake Grosjean and finished ninth, earning two points.

The positive side of today’s race is that we have demonstrated a strong pace and good control over the condition of the tires, confirming that with the updates of aerodynamics, which we brought here, the car became better. We will continue to attack. The tracks, on which the next races will take place, should also suit us. ”

Franz Tost, team leader: “Starting positions looked promising, Daniel started ninth on the used Soft set, Alex 11th on the new one.

It worked, both drivers started well – Alex played the position, Daniel kept ahead. The car showed a strong pace, the drivers piloted very well, but then the safety car appeared and we lost everything due to the loss of radio communication between the pit wall and the mechanics.

The first in the pit lane turned Daniel, but the mechanics believed that it would be Alex – there were difficulties with the choice of tires, we lost time on it – and a few positions. We are disappointed that only one of our cars earned points – it was possible to achieve more. “

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda F1 CTO: “We are pleased to have earned the second podium in the season at the stage where all the teams brought updates.

At some point it seemed that all four of our cars would be wearing glasses, but, ultimately, we were not able to do it, and this is very annoying, because Daniel and Alex all weekend worked very well, and the machine Toro Rosso again demonstrated its competitiveness in the middle of the peloton.

You need to work just as hard to continue in the same vein and achieve even better results in the next races. ”