Tiny electric Peugeot turned into a mobile kitchen

Tiny electric Peugeot turned into a mobile kitchen

March 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

New Zealander Gavin, now living in Slovakia, turned his Peugeot iOn (twin brother Mitsubishi i-MiEV) into a mobile kitchen. A video about how he will retrofit the trunk of the car is published on the YouTube channel “Kiwi EV adventures“.

In the trunk of an electric car, the volume of which is only 227 liters, Gavin decided to install a plate with a gas cylinder, a refrigerator, a mixer and a sink, a tank with clean water and a waste container.


Kitchen “furniture” is made of plywood and film “under the tree.” One of the most difficult tasks was the placement of a plate in an extremely limited space, which should be kept as far as possible from any plastic elements. As a shell, Gavin used an ordinary bowl, and for the water supply to the mixer – motor from the car windshield washer.

Last year, a more expensive and advanced project introduced Land Rover. The company built a mobile kitchen on the basis of Discovery for the chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver. In the car installed stove, pull-out dining table, dispensers for olive oil and vinegar, ice cream machine, grill and even a toaster in the center console.