Time to hand out the Golden Bedouins. Results of the rally Dakar-2019

Time to hand out the Golden Bedouins. Results of the rally Dakar-2019

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The capital of Peru, Lima, took the finals of the 41st edition of the 2019 Dakar Rally Marathon. The main result of the most difficult race was the heroic victory of Toby Price on a motorcycle, the third triumph of Nasser Al-Attiy behind the wheel of an SUV, the unprecedented dominance of Nicholas Cavillas among the participants in the ATV category, the triumphal return on the ATV Francisco Lopez after six years of absence and the fourth victory of the driver. Eduard Nikolaev. Along with the winners, the coveted finish and solemn passage under the arch in the Magdalena Del Mar area on the Pacific coast reached 179 participants: 75 motorcyclists, 15 quadrocyclists, 76 crews in cars, including 20 buggy riders, and 13 in trucks …


What a beautiful success story was written because of Toby Price’s incredible determination and courage. At the start of his fifth in a row Dakar Australian motorcycle racer came out with an injured right wrist – just a few weeks before the start of the race, he broke the scaphoid when falling during a workout. But, despite the not fully healed fracture, he took part. Unlike most rivals, Price focused on stable results, which he showed, overcoming pain, and not on victories in stages. And in the end, this tactic brought success. The day before the end of the race, he took the lead and did not give anyone the first position until the very finish in Lima.

Such a heroic performance allowed the 31-year-old Australian to win his second victory at Dakar. And for the KTM factory team, this triumph was the 18th in a row – the winning orange series, which began back in 2001, continues! Another success of the unbeatable Austrian brand was complemented by Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland, who finished following their Australian team-mate on the podium, which again, once again slipped away from Honda.

Joan Barreda Bort, after an excellent start to the rally-marathon, suffered another setback. And Ricky Brabeck’s confident gait was stopped by engine problems two stages before the finish. A similar fate befell the leading Yamaha rider Adrien van Beveren, who came down at the end of the race due to mechanical problems. The longest competition KTM squad was Pablo Quintanilla, but the Chilean did not have enough to finish …


Only one crew in the standings of off-road vehicles was able to find an important balance between performance and caution, and also took into account all the intricacies of navigation, which the Dakar-2019 route abounded in. This is the crew of Nasser Al-Attiy and his navigator Mathieu Bomel. “The King of the Desert” has always kept the situation under control, looking farther and farther away and watching his direct rivals Stefan Peteransel, Sebastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz failing in the dunes. Thanks to a carefully thought-out scenario and an excellent understanding of the strategy, he won three special stages along the course of the race and won his third victory in the rally-marathon, bringing Toyota with the historic first success on Dakar. It was the Japanese brand that captured the palm after Peugeot left and left behind the X-Raid Mini armada, which was several times larger in number.

The best car of the Sven Quandt team was not the new John Cooper Works, but the All4 Racing four-wheel drive, which has been proven over the years. Nani Roma finished second, while Yakub Przygonsky finished fourth. While the best buggy of the German team was only on the 13th place by the efforts of Carlos Sainz.

The model of speed at the last Dakar was somewhat unexpectedly Sebastien Loeb, who in the absence of problems was very good, despite the status of a private trader. However, navigation errors and mechanical problems knocked out the legend of the classic rally from among the contenders for the first place. But the greatest number of victories on special stages (four) and the second podium on Dakar (third place after second in 2017) will not be taken away from him anymore.


Thanks to a threefold increase in the number of participants (from 11 to 30 crews) and the arrival of ambitious newcomers in the class, the struggle in the all-terrain vehicle category has become much more acute this year. And it ended with the victory of just one of the debutants. Alas, Russian Sergey Karjakinu, like American Casey Curry and Chilean Ignassio Casale, could not stay in the leading group to the finish. In contrast, the former motorcyclist Francisco “Chalad” Lopez avoided serious mistakes and competed with last year’s winner Reinaldo Varele and another former motorcycle participant Gerard Farres (3rd in 2017). Having added three victories on special stages to his already rich collection (11 won special stages on a motorcycle), Chalad was entrenched in the lead and at the finish in Lima won the cherished first victory in Dakar, which several times escaped him in the two-wheeled category (3 e place in 2010 and in 2013). And for Chile, this success was the third in the main rally-marathon of the planet over the past six years after the triumphs of Casale on an ATV in 2014 and 2018


The ATV rally marathon was marked by the dominance of Nicholas Cavillas on Yamaha. The 27-year-old Argentine just sped around like a rocket, from start to finish, leaving no chance to his rivals. Nine victories in ten stages – this is an unprecedented result in the history of Dakar, regardless of the category, moreover, achieved last year’s debutant!

“It was not easy. I have long and hard prepared for this race, – shared Cavillas impressions at the finish. – This is just my second Dakar. But I continued to attack until the very end, because I really wanted to finish first. Now I am number one in the quad category! I’m very happy!”

Jeremias González Ferioli, who won the third stage, was the only one who managed to press the unstoppable Cavillas at the finish of the special stages. But in the general classification, the 23-year-old racer from Cordoba, who conducted his fourth Dakar, could not keep up with his compatriot and lost to him an enormous 1 hour and 55 minutes. Third, behind the two Argentines finished Frenchman Alexander Giroud.

The KAMAZ-master driver Eduard Nikolaev began defending the status of the current winner with victories in the first two special stages. But later he faced competition from teammates on the team of Andrei Karginov and Dmitry Sotnikov, and two days before the finish in Lima for the first time from the start, he missed the lead in the general classification. Nevertheless, after a magnificent victory in the ninth stage, a three-time victor returned the initiative to himself and the next day for the fourth time in his career brought his truck first to the finish line of Dakar.

Sotnikov, the second time in the last three years, finished in second place, and the third went to Gerard de Roy at Iveco, who, despite all expectations, could not make a real competition for KAMAZ-master.
Best performance

“Dakar-2019” was a record for the South American rally-marathon in terms of the number of women – 17 women decided to participate. But only one of them had the courage to go in the standings of Original by Motul (formerly Male), where, according to the regulations, it is forbidden to use technical equipment and the help of mechanics. Never before have girls overcome Dakar alone. But the brave Russian motorcycle racer heroically coped with the task. In the standings, which was won by the Dutchman Edwin Streiver, Anastasia finished ninth among the 16 participants. And in the general classification, she took the 62nd place after the 75th in the opening two years ago

Crushing blow

The 32-year-old Chilean motorcycle racer Pablo Quintanilla in his seventh Dakar was more than ever close to the cherished triumph. At the start of the final and decisive stage, the rider Husqvarna came out, losing only a minute to the leader Toby Price, and he had one mood – to attack with all his might to play the 60 seconds. However, already 10 kilometers after the start, the dreams of the “Golden Bedouin” turned into dust for him – Quintanilla fell and broke his ankle. Despite this, he bravely continued the race and even finished, but lost not only second place, but also third.
Statistics of the day

90% – the number of special stages won by Nicholas Cavillas. In his second in a row Dakar, a young Argentine racer entered the circle of favorites. Yes, the record for the number of victories at the stages of one rally-marathon belongs to Pierre Lartigue in the category of cars – 10, but with 16 stages in the race program. Three more riders won on nine special stages in one year: Hubert Oriol (on a motorcycle in 1984), Jacqui X (on an off-road vehicle in 1984) and Vladimir Chagin (on a truck in 2010). But with such a percentage ratio, as in Cavillas, no one has ever won on the special stages of Dakar