Tiktum lost the opportunity to earn points for superlicense

Tiktum lost the opportunity to earn points for superlicense

January 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Daniel Tiktum went to the Asian Formula-3 protege with the hope that he would get the missing points for F-1. However, it turned out that he would leave without them.

The young rider lacked 5 points before receiving the super license (there are 40 in total), so he decided to go to the Asian F-3 winter series, which started on January 11 in Thailand. A total of three stages of the race and Tiktum did not conduct two of them successfully. Theoretically, he still retained chances of winning, but then he was stunned by the other side.

 As it turned out the day before, this series can not give riders points for super-license. For this it is necessary to carry out from five stages on three different routes. So Asian F-3 does not correspond to these parameters.

 The organizers of the series said that they knew about these parameters, as they knew about the format of the series itself in the FIA, when they made it to the list of those who can assign riders scores for super-licensing. In the FIA, they say that they can be appointed only by eligible championships. It turns out a vicious circle. Tiktum, hoping for passage in F-1, is still without a chance for it.

Meanwhile, an interesting collaboration took place in Formula 2: the Arden and HWA teams signed a partnership agreement.