Tiago Monteiro: For this moment I worked for two years

Tiago Monteiro: For this moment I worked for two years

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tiago Monteiro returns to full-time races for the first time since a test crash in 2017. Last year, the Portuguese as part of its recovery program had already taken part in the championship stage at Suzuka, but they had to wait for a full return for almost half a year.

“I am very worried about this weekend, because it will finally close a really heavy chapter in my life,” said Monteiro to the official website of the WTCR. – For the sake of this moment, I worked together with doctors and trainers for two years.

Everyone at KCMG devoted themselves fully to the work throughout the winter, and whatever happened in Morocco, we could not do more to prepare.

The racing season started for me two weeks ago on Nordschleife and will continue on the city road – not the easiest route to return to the race, but I was never afraid of challenges. I already won in Marrakesh and I know how to squeeze the maximum out of the car on this track. ”

The first race of the WTCR season will begin on Saturday, April 6, at 18.50 Moscow time.

Live television channel Eurosport will show Sunday qualification and all three races.