Three teams will build test machines for Pirelli

Three teams will build test machines for Pirelli

April 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In 2021 in the Formula 1 will change the technical regulations. One of its points is the transition from the current 13-inch to 18-inch tires. In Pirelli, this year they want to start testing prototypes of new tires, and for these purposes three teams will build test machines for the Italian company. According to Auto Motor und Sport, we are talking about Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, and last year’s chassis will be taken as the basis.

In addition, in Pirelli should decide on which routes will be tested new tires – a decision about this has not yet been made, but the head of the auto sporting division of Pirelli Mario Isola is full of optimism: “If everything goes according to plan, then the first tests with new tires will pass in mid-September. It is important for us to work with several machines of different teams in order to obtain representative data. ”

Why only three teams will provide Pirelli test machines? An unnamed representative of one of the teams in the middle of the peloton explained what this is all about: “The first tests are nothing more than basic research. We can not afford to spend part of our resources to create a test machine. “

However, there are already concerns that the three factory teams that will test tire prototypes in 2019 will gain an advantage, so Pirelli wants seven teams to be provided with test machines in 2020.

“We expect seven teams to take part in the tests,” continues Mario Isola. “In addition, we want the cars of 2019 to be taken as the basis for next year.”