Three “charged” Tesla fought in a drag in the rain

Three “charged” Tesla fought in a drag in the rain

March 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An unusual test for four-wheel drive electric cars staged by foreign bloggers.

Tesla electric cars in drag racing is far from a new phenomenon. Very often, cars of this American brand fight for victory with their own kind. However, fans of “green” cars have always been interested in the question, which Tesla is the fastest. The answer is given by the YouTube channel carwow, which compared the dynamic characteristics of three top Tesla electric cars: the Model X P100D crossover, Model S Performance liftback and the elegant Model 3 Performance sedan. The test was complicated by difficult weather conditions – a wet track. The competitive test drive program included a quarter-mile race, a race competition from 79 km / h, and a comparison of brake performance from 113 km / h.

 Between themselves, electric cars differed in different output power, weight and cost.

 The most budgetary and lightest electric car in this three is the twin-engine Model 3. Its power reaches 496 hp and its weight is 1,847 kg. In the UK, he will have to pay 52,990 pounds. The “senior” Model S liftback produces 836 hp, weighs from 2,241 kg, and its price reaches 93,290 pounds. The full-size electric crossover Tesla Model X gets an 806-horsepower installation, a price tag of 97,890 pounds and a mass of 2,487 kg.

 As a result, after a race on 402 meters of gold and silver medalists shared only 0.1 seconds. At the same time, all participants coped with this exercise in 0.4 seconds. In the test for the effectiveness of brakes, intrigue turned out more.