Thor Motor Coach introduced the Tuscany mobile home with a Volta battery

Thor Motor Coach introduced the Tuscany mobile home with a Volta battery

April 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All companies are now trying to join the flow of concern for the environment and make their products more clean. “Thor” in this case is not far behind presenting its line of motorhomes with improved solar panels and a powerful Volta battery. Well, and besides – just look at the inner luxury!

Thor Tuscany is the manufacturer’s flagship series. The new modification was presented at the RVX 2019 exhibition and, besides the technical part, has changes in the interior. The Tuscany 45JA model has become an excellent platform to demonstrate these very changes. The conceptual mobile home is equipped with 540-watt solar panels and an electrical system operating on the basis of 36.4 kW / h lithium-ion batteries. They were developed by Volta Power Systems.

This is enough to feed all onboard equipment and air conditioning in hot weather. Thus, the manufacturer got rid of the noisy and dirty diesel generator. Volta has provided in its development of three types of charging: the main from the fixed mains, additional from the panels on the roof and the third is carried out during traffic. For this, an alternator is used, powered by a powerful diesel engine. The entire electrical system conceptual Tuscany 45JA weighs 272 kg. For comparison – the replaced diesel generator weighed 348 kg.

Inside the motorhome there is a full-sized bedroom with a fireplace, the fireplace is also available in the kitchen with an induction hob, there is a spacious bath, a large fridge, two fireplaces, pull-out TVs. Here you can even install underfloor heating. Isn’t that perfect?