This unusual Ford truck is built for tornado driving

This unusual Ford truck is built for tornado driving

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Famed meteorologist Reed Timmer has a special vehicle at his disposal that he can use to study tornadoes, storms, or any other similar natural phenomenon. The truck is based on the Ford Super Duty.

Firefighters need a fire truck, and cops need a fast car to chase bad guys. The Army and Marines need specialized armored trucks to withstand any explosive attacks. Needless to say, tough jobs require the same reliable machines. This is why renowned meteorologist Reed Timmer has a vehicle that he can use for what he does best – chasing a tornado, storm, or any other phenomenon that nature can think of.

Ospodin Timmer has appeared on the Discovery Channel reality show Storm Chaser, the documentary Tornado Glory and the TV series Tornado Chasers.

He makes money researching these storms, and by research I mean he literally chases them. Of course, Timmer needs something to work that can withstand extremely powerful natural phenomena.

According to this guy, the Dominator 3 is a former Ford Super Duty truck. Under the hood is a 6.7-liter PowerStroke V8 diesel engine that develops 400 horsepower (1,085 Nm) – but as you can see in the video above, the car as a whole is very heavily modified. Yes, you’re looking at gullwing doors, reinforced with thick steel and Kevlar polyethylene composite for added strength.

Another modification of the Dominator is its airbag suspension, which allows the truck to instantly drop to the ground. This removes space underneath for air to pass through, which could potentially tip the truck in high winds.

Not so long ago, we wrote that this 1967 Ford Mustang is completely made of wood. A video has been posted on YouTube showing the creation of a wooden replica of the iconic 1967 Ford Mustang sports coupe. All the work to create a miniature copy of the car took three weeks.