This trailer combines a boat and a tourist trailer

This trailer combines a boat and a tourist trailer

August 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company decided to create a trailer that would simultaneously accommodate a tourist camper, as well as a full-fledged boat. At the moment, only a promising prototype of the novelty is presented.

What is the biggest problem when going on a long vacation with your own transport? It all depends on the type of vacation, of course, but if you need to bring a lot of “toys” for a motorized vacation, just getting everything to your destination can be difficult. It would be possible to tow two trailers at once, but this is extremely difficult. That’s what makes this prototype two-in-one camper so cool.

As the title explains, this innovative trailer features both a camper and a full-size boat.

At least for now, the novelty is simply called a boat and a camping trailer, and it must be said that the idea of ​​such a trailer is quite promising. The front half of the trailer is for camping and is equipped with all the comforts of a humble motorhome, including a small kitchenette, toilet, shower and double bed. The rear part is designed for the transportation of the boat – the boat is lowered into the water in the traditional way – the trailer drives up to the water, and the boat backs up directly into the water.

According to the company’s website, there will be various trailer designs available for different boat styles, such as pontoons. Various camper layouts will also be offered, allowing the versatile trailer to be used for weekend fishing as well as for extended family vacations. The trailers will use a gooseneck fifth wheel for better maneuverability, and while we don’t have data on trailer length or weight, it looks like most pickups can handle towing it.

As mentioned earlier, this interesting trailer is only a prototype at the moment. However, it is a working prototype, and for those willing to sacrifice a small amount of living space to have a camper and a boat on the same trailer, they can buy it, however the prices are still unknown.

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