This tiny copy of McLaren Senna looks really cool.

This tiny copy of McLaren Senna looks really cool.

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last month, the famous foreign blogger Shmee visited the headquarters of Amalgam, which makes exact copies of famous cars. Their latest work was a model of the British blue supercar McLaren Senna in a 1: 8 scale.

  It is reported that the assembly of a large-scale model of a supercar took 100 hours, and the entire creation process took 300 hours. With so many working hours and parts that are striking in their accuracy, not to mention the total price of a typewriter, this 1: 8 copy of Senna is as exclusive as the car it is copying. The blogger could not hide his excitement before picking up his tiny copy of the British supercar.

The guys from Amalgam worked directly with McLaren MSO, a special division of the automaker, to get accurate information about a real supercar. The machine even got the Cerulean Blue body color, Alcantara in the cabin and MSO-spec brake calipers.

A replica of Shmeemobile (the so-called model) is an almost exact copy of McLaren Senna, owned by the blogger Shmee, complete with a lowered suspension.

 Amalgam has a collection of amazing models of several popular and rare cars that are made on a 1: 8 scale. “Toys for big boys” cost from 7,000 to 15,000 dollars, depending on the complexity of manufacturing a large-scale model, which may even include details such as lighting and electronic doors.