This radio-controlled Unimog can clear snow

This radio-controlled Unimog can clear snow

February 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The video, which was recently posted on a YouTube channel, shows a scale model of a German Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck clearing snow from the sidewalk. Apparently, the Unimog model is made in 1:10 scale.

Right now in the United States, winter weather is definitely making life difficult for many of the people there – half of the country is covered in snow, freezing temperatures and constant blackouts. And just to combat anomalous precipitation, the radio-controlled Mercedes Unimog model was presented.

The video, which was recently posted to YouTube, shows a scale model of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog clearing snow from the sidewalk.

There are actually several companies that offer Unimog models at scale; the description for the video does not indicate a specific brand of this truck.

Apparently, this supremely cool large-scale copy of Unimog was made by the German company ScaleART. The latter is mentioned in the description of the video. The German company offers a carefully crafted Unimog 437 with many body styles and an abundance of accessories, and yes, it includes a functional hydraulic plow. This German truck model uses real portal axles, functional headlights, and there are many parts available to further personalize the vehicle. It is electrically driven with a multi-speed gearbox and even makes diesel engine sounds for full effect.

ScaleART does not mention a specific scale for its Unimog, but the stated model length of 415 millimeters suggests that this car is in a 1:10 scale. In short, it’s big enough to take away some snow, but not big enough to take up a lot of garage space. However, this little car is quite expensive – the basic kit costs 2,250 euros, and if you choose a wide variety of accessories, the price can go up to 6,000 dollars

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that a radio-controlled model of the Ford F-450 truck was presented. This replica of a huge American truck is made in 1:10 scale and has a powerful electric motor capable of dragging quite heavy objects along with it. The car can reach a top speed of 25.74 km / h.