This Porsche Boxster is perfect for the role of Auto Mad Max

This Porsche Boxster is perfect for the role of Auto Mad Max

January 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning studio Vali Motorsports presented a version of the German sports coupe Porsche Boxster, which could become the “wheelbarrow” of crazy Max in the eponymous post-apocalyptic film.

By order of a client with very unusual wishes, a tuning company created a car that would ideally fit as one of those “scary” cars that were in the post-apocalyptic film “Mad Max: The Road of Fury”. The basis of the project was taken by the German sports Porsche Boxster model of 2000. It must be said that the coupe received extensive modifications.

The aesthetics of the car are ensured by an aluminum front bumper with awesome brass … what can I call it …? Similarly installed on steam locomotives and called kauketcher (protective grille).

Under the hood of such a Boxster can be either a 3.6-liter or 2.7-liter inline engine with six cylinders, but, to be honest, the power plant is one of the most uninteresting elements of the car.

 It is undeniable that this Boxster will attract the attention of absolutely everyone who sees it – especially a working machine gun of 50 mm caliber, which protrudes from the windshield, will contribute completely to this. The headlights are located on the front fenders near the front pillar, and the splitter “hanging” from the roof above the windshield has a chain-saw edging. Specialists of the Vali Motorsports studio, which actually presented this car post of the apocalyptic period, completely changed the interior of the sports coupe – only the doors, or rather their frame, remained unchanged. The roof of the car is still removable, and a safety cage is installed in the cabin.

 Finally, it is worth noting that according to the assurances of the representatives of the tuning company, the client who decided to treat himself to such an unusual performance of the sports Porsche Boxster was completely satisfied with the car.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the Porsche showed the 718 Boxster and Cayman GTS with a new engine. New modifications to the coupe and roadster are able to accelerate to “hundreds” in 4.5 seconds.