This Nissan Skyline sells for $ 485,000

This Nissan Skyline sells for $ 485,000

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This copy of the Japanese legend, which the seller claims is in pristine condition, is asking for $ 485,000

We often use the term “brand new” to refer to a vehicle that is in perfect technical condition regardless of its mileage. Today’s look at the used car market reveals a vehicle that is worthy of this description simply because it is practically new despite being produced back in 2002. And this is a very rare car.

The Nissan GT-R (R34) V Spec II Nur, clearly named after the N├╝rburgring race track, is up for sale at the JDM Expo. In total, the Japanese company has collected 718 copies of this version of the iconic sports car.

Among the mechanical upgrades in the V Spec II Nur were larger turbochargers with a slight boost in boost, resulting in increased engine power. The latter boasts 276 horsepower, but it is reported that it can easily be heated up to 330 hp. This version of the model also had some visual differences from the regular R34 generation GT-R.

On the odometer of this car, the mileage is 362 km. The salesperson explains that the characteristic smell of a new car is still present in the cabin, and we pretty much believe that given what can be seen in the photos.

“Super clean, reliable and proven mileage, no accidents, no rust, the interior still smells like a new car.” It is important to note that this car is asking for $ 485,000.

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