This Mustang crossover Ford Explorer crossover looks weird

This Mustang crossover Ford Explorer crossover looks weird

March 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Enterprising car tuners have found a way to attach the front of the S197 generation Ford Mustang sports coupe to the first-generation Explorer crossover, and to everyone’s surprise, the look is actually not so bad. But still in some places this “assembly” looks very strange.

More recently, photos of this amazing instance of the American crossover, which received the front end from the Mustang sports coupe, have appeared. The front fenders of the latter were probably slightly shortened to match the body structure of the mid-size crossover, and the bonnet line was raised to visually make the car even more massive.

 Enthusiasts completely replaced the standard rear bumper Рinstead, it installed another, made of steel, in which two exhaust pipes are integrated.

 There is also a second set of taillights, which are installed under the standard Рall four block headlights received a metal finish.

The most blatant mistake on the part of the tuners was not centering the wheels inside the front arches, although on the other hand, this can hardly be done quite competently. However, the offset front wheels are the most obvious indicator that this is a makeshift crossover. Otherwise, the quality of work is quite decent.

 However, some exterior details are made frankly poorly. For example, poorly installed chrome trim on all window trims (as well as on one rear light). The steps under each door look rather strange.