This is what a charged Jaguar I-Pace SVR might look like

This is what a charged Jaguar I-Pace SVR might look like

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of last month, Michael van der Sande, head of the Jaguar SVO Special Projects Division, said that the appearance of a “hot” version of the electric crossover is only a matter of time. Of course, our designers could not miss such an opportunity to fantasize again a piece of the automotive future.

Sketches of the Jaguar I-Pace SVR are based on the existing sports modification of the crossover named eTrophy and the basic stylistic principles that are used in SVO when developing other “hot” models.

In particular, it was the latter circumstance that led to the appearance of an extensive electric intakes on the electric crossover, which the sports car with electric motors did not seem to need too much.

On the other hand, cooling is not superfluous. Therefore, the air intake on the hood was preserved, which gives the crossover look an additional sense of sportiness. For the same reason, I-Pace appeared contrasting bumper pads, sills and mirrors, as well as spectacular rims with developed brake mechanisms.

As for the characteristics of the real Jaguar I-Pace SVR, they have not yet been named. But we can assume that the output of the power plant will be brought to 450-500 hp compared with the current 400, and the battery capacity can grow from 90 kWh to about 120. Accordingly, the acceleration time to 100 km / h will almost certainly be less than 4.5 seconds. However, at the earliest, when the SVR version of the British crossover could be born, this is 2021.