This is the most unusual Mini I’ve seen …

This is the most unusual Mini I’ve seen …

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the video, published on YouTube, shows a funny car Mini. The car completely lost its rear end and got a strange body color.

The cars of the British Mini brand are known all over the world precisely because they are small, miniature and ideal for use in the “stone jungle”. But this instance of the city kid, about whom this news was written, is certainly difficult to call a typical four-seater small car. To begin with, it is worth noting that this is a two-seater version of the British car – the entire rear half of the car disappeared, and as a result you see what is called Mini Ha Ha.

  The Barcroft Cars team from the YouTube channel of the same name has a story of this extremely small car. It was created back in 1983 by the famous car designer Andy Saunders, when he was a 19-year-old student at a local college. The car was cut in half, the rear part was further cut into a couple of sections and finally welded back again. The back door was brewed as there was no room for any luggage behind the front seats. In addition, this car received a rather strange body color.

 It is said that this super-deformed Mini with its tiny wheelbase and front-wheel drive can rotate the rear wheels too, which sounds fun and scary at the same time.

After Mr. Saunders finished all work on this miniature Frankenstein, the car was sold to the British Museum, which, obviously, was not very successful. The museum changed hands many times, and Mini Ha Ha began to “crumble.” Finally, he passed into the possession of the restorer Andy Shaw. By that time, the car body was in quite good condition, but the car had no windows and an engine, and its interior was completely fulfilled.

  The new owner did not spare money to return the eccentric creation to its former appearance. It is not reported how much money has been invested in this car. Judging by the video, he just wanted to restore the car over time and did not track how much was spent. Judging by the happy faces in the same video, the price was worth it.